Rubingisa and Rwamucyo; the two Rwandan men serving RNC on a ghost project

Rubingisa and Rwamucyo; the two Rwandan men serving RNC on a ghost project

Rwamucyo the traitor

Providence Rubingisa, a Rwandan living in Chicago-United States, is by no surprise a double-edged sword.

His hunger for sucking foreigners’ muscles in the name of calling himself a survivor and philanthropist, is becoming a daily story among natives and migrants in Chicago.

He is famously becoming known as the ‘Dustbin’s man’ nickname by many in Chicago-over his hunt for second-hand Shoes.

He lured whites into his ghost project that he wanted to raise funds and load containers of Shoes to help poor communities back home. After realizing his trick could be proved wrong if he used Rwanda as his project destination, Rubingisa maneuvered other plans.

He started ‘Stuff for the Poor’-a ghost project! His project demanded shoes from donors so that he supplies them to poor communities in Tanzania.

Yet, in actual sense, Rubingisa continues to work as Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa’s right-hand man- and by the way RNC’s chief financier.

In 2007, Rubingisa continued his prominence among the ‘Ibigarasha’-members of the infamous Rwanda National Congress (RNC)responsible for throwing grenades across streets of Rwanda, before starting his ghost ‘Stuff for the Poor’ project.

But is he serving the poor? No! First, he deceived whites that he wanted money and Shoes to help the poor community in MBWEWE-a home area for former Tanzania President JakayaMrishoKikwete.

Rubingisa’s primary intention to start the project was to collect second hand shoes (or call it left overs) from whites in Chicago with naked lies that he wanted to donate them to poor residents of Mbewe area.

His lies were successful. Many Americans with little knowledge about Rwanda and the region believed in Rubingisa’s lies and started offloading dozens of second-hand Shoes to him.

According to well-place sources, Rubingisa’s Stuff for the Poor (SFTP) pushed him further. He approached the management of Servoil Industries-a US based company to provide him with $100,000 to further support his ghost-project. He was given the funds, as RNC’s hungry faces smiled.

Rubingisa continues to stand behind the donor’s blind eyes to serve the interests of RNC in the name of innocent Tanzanian’s.

His current connection with one AimableRwamucyo-another Rwandan living abroad, is another disaster that is exposing the real true colours of Rubingisa and his RNC political agenda.

Recently, Rwamucyo, who once owned an online platform that connects Rwandans in the diaspora, became another coward and an enemy of the country.

He leaked all documents and emails he used to connect Rwandans in the diaspora to Rubingisa and RNC members.

Infact, Rwamucyo is becoming another Rubingisa (The Dustbin’s man) in not only orchestrating terrorist projects against the State and but tarnishing the image of Tanzania as a sovereign country.

The heinous ghost projects is a proof that RNC is on the brink of collapsing, only surviving on leftovers from donors like Rubingisa’s second-hand Shoes business.

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