EXPOSED, “Apostle Paul Gitwaza” plays victim, YET AGAIN

• When Apostle Paul Gitwaza Prophesizes, INDEED IT HAPPENS

Recently, Apostle Paul Gitwaza informed his Zion Temple followers that God revealed to him his youngest son will be US president. The boy reportedly cried when President Obama was sworn in, saying: “He has taken my seat!”

The day is Sunday morning 8th August 2010. A controversial pastor known in Rwanda as “Apostle Paul Gitwaza” walks up to the podium inside his Zion Temple church in dusty suburb of the Rwandan capital, Kigali. In attendance are congregations from different African countries.

For the previous week, a conference ‘Africa Rise’ had been going on at the church. Congregations were eager to return to their homes, but not before the Apostle everybody had been hearing about, spoke. There was huge ululation, dance and drums when Gitwaza arrived.

For the next two hours, Gitwaza relayed Bible verse after another – a feat he is very comfortable doing. Gitwaza is very good at capturing attention of his audiences by targeting what affects them at personal level.

Gitwaza got to work. “In 2030, suffering will be no more for Africans – Africa will be like Eden,” he rambled, like the biblical “garden of God”, described most notably in the Book of Genesis chapters 2 and 3, and also in the Book of Ezekiel.

Africans in Europe and America will flock back to their homeland as it will be better, he went on. Gitwaza said the trek through the Sahara – many have taken for decades seeking better livelihoods in Europe, will be no more.

Gitwaza said by that during period, there will be a Trans-African Highway running from Cairo (Egypt) to Cape Town (South Africa). There will be another highway from Mombassa (Kenya coast) to Matadi (DR Congo coast).

All through these “prophecies”, there were loud cheers. Finally, somebody was seeing hope for what has been a hopeless continent for centuries. But when you have an audience largely uninformed, or worse still, many depending on the pastor for information, you expect no less, than outright belief in anything you tell them.

What Gitwaza’s congregation did not know is that the African block adopted as matter of principle, the UN Agenda 2030, in which African governments committed to bring sustainable development to their people. The African Union has actually set 2025 as deadline for monetary union.

The Trans-African Highway, a collaboration of the African Union, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the African Development Bank, will be 10,228 kilometers in length, connecting Egypt and South Africa, along with countries in between, such as Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Sudan. These are existing plans for heaven’s sake!

But for Gitwaza, all these were “revelations from God”, and YES, the congregations believed him!

Gitwasa does not disappoint. He made another intriguing revelation; that “very soon”, there will be no monthly phone subscriptions. Well, if you remember, back then in Rwanda, phone companies had been charging a fee to keep your cellphone online. And if you wanted to make calls, you had to put credit.

The charge had been seen for long among ordinary Rwandans as a rip-off. Do not be surprised to be reminded by some fellows that the telecom companies ‘received God’s messenger’ who made them to drop the monthly fees! Actually, Gitwaza said the fee will be gone all across Africa!

The congregation stayed put, with regular thunderous applause for the Apostle. Gitwaza made more revelations. Telecoms MTN and TiGO will cut rates to a point of near-free calls. REASON? In the coming months, Gitwaza said, a new telecom company was coming because God wants to safeguard his people from the exploitative monopolies. This is sheer madness!

Gitwaza probably forgot to reveal to his congregation that the Rwandan government was in advanced stages into allowing India’s Bharti Airtel to open shop in Rwanda. Indeed, in April 2012, Airtel launched. It is anyone’s guess what was running in the minds of some of Gitwaza’s followers; God’s prophecies were coming true!

The war-ridden DR Congo was not left out from Gitwaza’s sermon, well, he never misses to speak about eastern Congo, in all of his prayer sessions. All Congo’s regions will be linked by railway lines penetrating through its mountains. Uganda will have a satellite into space. For Burundi, their capitals Bujumbura will host international market far bigger than Dubai… And all these remember will be reality before 2030!!

China is going to take over Africa as west loses out, Gitwaza said.

For Israel, “God” will install a defense shield on Egyptian border to give ultimate protection to Israel against the destructive forces seeking to wipe it off the map, according to Gitwaza.

By now, as you can expect, the sermon was becoming boring. Gitwaza had to conclude. “Everything I have said will be reality because they are not my own words, but revelations from God….,” he ended as the hundreds erupted into deafening song and dance.

It is little wonder that Gitwaza confirmed that this September 2015, God will send a “4th and final sign” for the end of the world. And when the media picked up the false prophesies, Gitwaza is crying foul.

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