Kayumba Nyamwasa- Theogene Rudasingwa emails leaked

eMail message


We have been able to infiltrate the murky world of the Rwanda National Congress, a dissident outfit of Rwandan outlaws whose leader Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa leaves in hiding in South Africa. This is an email sent by Theogene Rudasingwa to Kayumba Nyamwasa on 17th July 2013.

We have a troll of many emails. But for now, we will be releasing a small portion to show you how the dissidents operate. This particular email we releasing today seems like a communication between the two men expressing frustration at former Rwanda spy chief Patrick Karegeya. The language used in the email is coded but some names appear familiar. The issues they refer to also make sense.

Within RNC, the email is going to cause a storm. Read the email for yourself and decide. Here is the screenshot of the original email from Yahoo. Below, we have provided the text for better readability

Afande, muraho murakomeye,

Reference kuri conversation, I have more details kandi they are not pleasant at all. I spoke to KB on Friday last week. Then spoke to Doctor that evening.
The next contact twavuganye ni Mr White on Saturday. I spoke to the Diplomat. Then on Monday had contact with Mzee. Afande, the details ntizishimishije at all.

Mr White told me that KP called him asking for a passport in March. Two weeks later he got it via DHL.
Mr White said he doesn’t have details as to what destination KP was heading but he suspects it was St Petersburg.
I managed kuvugana with Schilinger (the fixer) nawe ampa more specifics. Apparently, hano they have traced KP to a location in Russia.
Kuri we ngo KP probably thinks they are not following him because he is not on their territory. Ikindi yongeyeho is that the Umwanzi data yarayibonye from big names hano.

However, Mzee we he had more straight answers. Ngo KP yaramuhamagaye amusaba to transfer $80,000 but Mzee transfered $43,000, and that he would keep Mzee informed about a “big deal”, ngo azamubwira.
You know Mzee ntakunda kubaza byinshi. But Mzee got some information from a friend in Mosco who was wondering why KP is in Russia.

Akandi gakuru namenye from Monica nuko mama Portia we ngo yamubwiye ko agiye gushaka umugati w’abana ahandi.
When Monica asked what “ahandi” means ngo she told her the man no longer tells her everything. That he usually tell her after the mission.

What is clear Afande is that something is happening kandi Umwanzi afite some information about his movements.
The enemy has put all resources muri surveillance. Ngirango you remember the case of Frank.

Its not the first time KP is going on mission without our knowledge.
I have constantly reminded him that our understanding is that everything must be approved, ariko he agrees but then never acts.

In addition to information related to this, I have been told by Stanley that KP did also send Major to Dar es Salaam, Maputo and Kiev to meet some people.
If you remember, we had agreed that whenever we want to send people to those locations, we will be sending Joseph.

My reading of the situation is that KP is establishing a parallel reporting system. Ngirango Afande warabibonye, igihe twagiraga skype conference the way he was speaking to Frank.
He doesn’t respect anything Frank says even if he holds. For him, Frank represents you and your family, but not the platform.

You probably also recall when I was in Brussels, Doctor was furious!! He was saying if things do not change, he will decide on a different course.

Afande, since you asked me to carry out a short investigation and report to you what I think openly, to me, mbona KP is getting out of hand. If you don’t reign him in, you could create a precedence which is negative.
Urabona the way Doctor spoke in Jbg mu nama. He was frustrated kandi ari KP ubitera.

The comments the prosecutor used when speaking about the case and role of KP, should be another wake up call.
Actually, prosecutor did not want him to get closer to you because we nta security yari afite.

My take is lets move forward with setting up the new structures otherwise something is happening which may surprise us.

Afande, FYI: am travelling to Dayton on Monday next week to meet with the group I told you about.
Those pple need extensive mobilization before Umwanzi takes over the region. Urabona ko hano arahahora.  Will communicate via usual channel.

Please send my best regards to Rose na fille. I will organize some time tuvugane when am at home maybe they can speak with Kadada kuko aho reminding me.

God bless you



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