Rwandan group RNC engaging Lebanese groups to train terror cell

Rwandan group RNC engaging Lebanese groups to train terror cell

A Rwandan woman based in Cape Town known within Rwandan opposition circles as Madam Monique MUJAWAMARIYA has since August been travelling to seven countries on a mission to solicit training and base for terror cell of the Rwanda National Congress.

MUJAWAMARIYA’s travel began in Cape Town in August to Kigali – Rwanda’s capital where she arrived 2rd August. Monique MUJAWAMARIYA has a non-governmental organisation in Cape Town called MAFUBO Organisation. According to its paperwork at the South African Department of Social Development, the group conducts social activism for women causes.

On Sunday morning 3rd August, MUJAWAMARIYA travelled to Butare, in Southern Rwanda where she attended a wedding of her son William – which is the reason she told immigration officials. Then the next day Monday 4th August, she crossed to Burundi and stayed there until 7th August.

In Bujumbura, MUJAWAMARIYA met Burundian leader President Pierre Nkurunzinza for a private meeting at his private residence which lasted hours. After that meeting, President Nkurunzinza left for China for a weeklong tour.

From Bujumbura, MUJAWAMARIYA returned to Rwanda. In Kigali, MUJAWAMARIYA met several individuals – at a popular international hotel in Kigali. Many of the meetings were also held late at night or very early in the morning – perhaps to evade any suspicion from Rwandan authorities.

Rwandan group RNC engaging Lebanese groups to train terror cell1

Here she met a contact at Hotel Mille Colline in Kigali

While in Kigali, MUJAWAMARIYA met with officials from Rwandan NGOs LIPRODOR and HAGURUKA. Both describe themselves as human rights organisations. LIPRODOR for its part is currently embroiled in legal limbo following internal wrangles which led to the ouster of the board last year.

Around 11am on 12th August, MUJAWAMARIYA boarded a RwandAir flight to Kampala, capital of Uganda – Rwanda’s northern neighbor supposedly to attend NGO Forum conference held at Hotel Africana. My sources only tell me MUJAWAMARIYA was there on a different mission. She met RNC and FDLR contacts there during the three days of her stay.

My sources say while in Kampala, MUJAWAMARIYA hired a room at Hotel Africana but did not stay there. Instead, every night, she would leave to a yet unidentified suburb of Kampala. It has been confirmed that in all countries she travelled, she booked hotel rooms but never stayed there.

Rwandan group RNC engaging Lebanese groups to train terror cell3

Here, she was in Kampala

From Kampala, MUJAWAMARIYA travelled back to Rwanda on 15th August. The next day, she left Kigali for Butare. While there, she met various people – meetings which were mainly held at churches or school compound. She stayed there up to 18th August.

On this date, MUJAWAMARIYA held a secret meeting with five students with whom she had been communicating while back in South Africa. The meeting was held at one of the rooms at the Faculty of Medicine.

The students who are from different faculties were: Niyonzima Jean Claude (Pharmacy); Mukamisiga Mariam (Pharmacy); Nkurunziza Fidel (Environmental Health); Majambere Frederick (Nursing) and Uwimana Dianne (Dental Science).

On 20th August, MUJAWAMARIYA returned to Cape Town.

Then on 7th September, she left for Beirut, the Lebanese capital. From the travel itinerary, MUJAWAMARIYA’s travel was targeting Beirut. My sources reveal that she met with members of different clandestine groups which have a long history of training foreigners in conducting terror operations. Palestinian groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad have been their longest-running clients. Iranian-supported Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah is the biggest provider of such services.

Rwandan group RNC engaging Lebanese groups to train terror cell4

Here Mujawamariya was at the wedding of her son William in Butare. The white man is her current husband Claude Carignan


Our contacts have told us that RNC is setting up a terror cell. The cell will be trained by Lebanese and to be based in the east African region.

After Beirut, MUJAWAMARIYA travelled to Tanzania’s coastal city of Dar es Salaam, which is Tanzania’s biggest commercial center. It is here that she caught up with Dr David Himbara a founding member of the Rwanda National Congress who lives in Canada.

From Dar es Salaam, MUJAWAMARIYA headed to Paris – France where she met various individuals from DGSE, the French foreign intelligence agency. France has powerful influence in Lebanon dating back to the time of its colonial occupation of the region. From Paris, MUJAWAMARIYA returned to Cape Town on 14th September.

So who is Monique MUJAWAMARIYA? Before the genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994, she was close confidant of genocide convict Pascal Simbikangwa who was recently convicted by a French court for genocide. Publicly, she was a human rights campaigner, but her underground work was with Simbikangwa’s office which was directly attached to office of President Juvenal Habyarimana.

And what is Monique MUJAWAMARIYA up to?

  • MUJAWAMARIYA leads a network of former Rwanda government extremists living in the Southern Africa region. Is France using her for its agenda to support the genocide extremists?
  • What about Tanzania? Where is Tanzania’s role here? Considering the frosty relations with Rwanda, is President Kikwete determined to use terror to cause as much trouble within Rwanda to undermine the government in Kigali?
  • The presence of Dr David Himbara in Dar es Salaam is no surprise; it has become a usual feat for Rwandan opposition groups. Many have been reported there and actually former premier Faustin Twagiramungu reportedly bragged about it following different visits to meet Tanzanian intelligence officials
  • Is France coming through with its long-standing policy to restore a “Hutu” government in Rwanda?
  • Are the 5 students MUJAWAMARIYA met at the National University of Rwanda being prepared for training to form the terror cell?







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