Panic among Rwandan exiles as Dr Theogene Rudasingwa is hospitalized

Panic among Rwandan exiles as Dr Theogene Rudasingwa is hospitalized

Panic has engulfed members of the South Africa-based Rwandan opposition group the Rwanda national congress after they were notified that group coordinator Dr Theogene Rudasingwa has been hospitalized at a private clinic in Washington.

Dr Gerald Gahima, RNC founding member, notified senior members through their WhatsApp group on Sunday that Dr Rudasingwa checked in at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. The hospital is located on Irving Street in the north west of Washington DC.

Dr Gahima (PhD) is also brother to Dr Rudasingwa, a medical doctor. Dr Rudasingwa is said to have been having breathing problems since Friday night (US time). He took antibiotics but was not improving.

In the WhatsApp group, Dr Gahima said his brother checked in at MedStar Washington on Sunday around 10:40am (US time or 16:40 SA time). The WhatsApp group includes mainly people very close to RNC leader Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa, most of whom are in South Africa.

The information about the hospitalization of Rudasingwa was also communicated by Gen Kayumba to senior South African officials on Monday afternoon. Gen Kayumba reportedly said he needs all the support he can get because Rudaingwa is key architect of RNC – which has emerged as a powerful opposition block to government in Rwanda.

Dr Rudasingwa is said not to have a history of prior chronic illness. However, the sudden hospitalization caused panic as some began pointing fingers of foul play. In the WhatsApp discussion, some even suggested that RNC would be dead in North America if Rudasingwa did not return.

He is considered the defacto brain of RNC and has been coordinating RNC activities from Washington, often travelling to South Africa to meet Kayumba, and Europe to mobilise fundraise.

However, interesting about the WhatsApp communication from Dr Gahima, he said he could not reveal the exact ward or room number where Rudasingwa is hospitalized. He wrote in English and Kinyarwanda: “Umwanzi aba adushakisha hose, ashobora kuba ari no muri telephone zacu. We should be vigilant”.

Dr Gahima said in the group that he had given all details to Gen Kayumba, asking members that they shouldn’t worry as they would be updated on any developments.

Dr Rudasingwa lives with his wife and their four children.



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