New leads into death of Patrick Karegeya

Christine Mukama was photographed here in Pretoria in October 2011 where she had gone to visit Karageya

Christine Mukama was photographed here in Pretoria in October 2011 where she had gone to visit Karageya

There has been much speculation about the cause of Patrick Karegeya’s death. Two weeks after his lifeless body Patrick Karegeya was reportedly found in hotel room in South Africa, a new lead has emerged which clearly shows he had cultivated many enemies. Some have revealed there may have been businesses deals gone-wrong, others report there is no way two bulls would have lived together in the same small RNC Kraal.

Karegeya was a notorious womanizer, which was also a source of bitter rivalry with Kayumba Nyamwasa. Karegeya’s behavior indicated that he also had a very active sex addiction that completely ruled his life and often threatened to destroy everything he had worked for.

So far, husbands of six Rwandan women are counting the cost of Karageya’s presence. Karegeya was an inter-continental prostitute. He had a home in the same Johannesburg area where he reportedly died and one wonders why in the first place he hired the expensive hotel room costing US$350 a night hotel on Dec.29.

Whichever continent Karegeya was travelling to, he had a mistress. All the women Karegeya was using are married. Top among these women is Christine Mukama. She lives in the city of San Antonio located in the US state of Texas. Since Karegeya was reported dead, Mukama was among the first people to express shock on social media.

On Facebook she is known by her exact names “CHRISTINE MUKAMA”. This past Tuesday, she was all over Facebook putting on a brave face urging people “do not panic” as mystery keeps growing over Karegeya’s death. “Trust your leaders,” she ranted in anger as people speculated that there is more to Karegeya’s death than meets the ordinary eye.

The other of Karegeya’s concubines, was Jackie Niyigiziki – living in Houston, also in the state of Texas. She is a member of a women umbrella organization. Niyigiziki fronts herself as a campaigner for children and women rights, but behind that false charitable image, lays a woman with a different profile.

One would imagine why Karegeya was so in love with Rwandan woman in the United States, which perhaps explains why his known wife decided to relocated to the US. Until late 2011, Leah Kabuto Karegeya was staying in South Africa with her husband. But somehow, she decided on relocating to the United States. Could it be that she sensed trouble piling up for her marriage?

Karegeya was also poaching on Alene Marie Victoire, based in the US State of Wisconsin. All documents which were prepared by Karegeya for whatever mission, he always shared them with this woman. People who have known about Karegeya’s escapades with Alene Marie Victoire have told us that he trusted her more than his wife.

Away from the United States, Karegeya did not disappoint when it came to Europe. Karegeya had three concubines, some of them married to RNC members. In some cases, conflicts emerged over the same women in RNC circles.

Case in point is that of Nadine Gakarama who lives in Brussels. This beauty was discovered by Jean Marie Micombero in Belgium several years ago. They fell in love. Then trouble struck when Karegeya’s preying eyes landed on this woman. When Micombero complained about Karegeya’s sexual encroachment, Karegeya responded by orchestrating the removal of Micombero from being the head of RNC Belgium Chapter.

Karegeya replaced Micombero with genocide fugitive Dr Paulin Murayi, the son-in-law of Felicien Kabuga, the man who financed the genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda. In case Dr Murayi does not know why he sprung up RNC leadership so quickly, it is not because of your money. Here is what you do not know. Winnie Kabuga has been a long-time concubine of Karegeya since the time when he was still in Rwanda.

Today, Jean Marie Micombero is nothing in RNC despite being among the founding members. Dr Murayi has long suspected his wife of having affairs with senior RNC officials. Well the truth is here.

The other married woman in whose arms Karegeya regularly smiled like a king with a nation was Rose Simba. Little is known about this woman, but what is known is that she always accompanied Karegeya on several travels to the Scandinavian region.

Karegeya was the enemy of many. Though the husbands of the woman named in this story may have been dying in silent anger, similar love-triangle-gone-bad came to bear in December 2011. It is around the same time when Leah Karegeya left South Africa.

Burundian singer Jean Christophe Matata was unknowingly killed through poisoning by a woman he shared with Karegeya. He gave her a dose of “medicine” which caused his death due to organ failure.

Just as many other conspiracy theories have been thrown around, Karegeya must have died from a lot more other causes than we have been let to believe.




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