Another Son of Gen Fred Gisa Rwigema surfaces


After Alfred Gisa, who appeared last month, another son of Rwanda liberation icon Maj Gen Fred Gisa Rwigema has surfaced. In a Facebook post, Dan Mutabazi Gisa, also accuses his stepmother Janet Rwigema of trying to eliminate him. Alfred Gisa caused media excitement in Rwanda, which is going to be reinvigorated by this latest reappearance. Below is Dan Mutabazi Gisa’s full confession:


To all my friends and family, am going to make an announcement here that I have lived with since I was born. Choosing today is no surprise. Tuesday September 17th was my birth day, and I feel this is the right time for me to finally tell my true story.

Am by the names Dan Mutabazi Gisa aged 23. I was born to Joy Bamwekingire and Fred GISA Rwigema at kabale hospital. My Dad died in October 1990 while commanding the liberation war in Rwanda.

Am well aware of the shock some of you reading this might be going through considering that a few days ago another step brother Alfred Gisa became known. Alfred & I know each other & am happy about that. We were linked up by Dad’s friends and relatives.

I came to know my relationship with my dad at a young age.I felt bad coz i was young but as i grew up i accepted the fact that he was no more and am proud of wat he did for Rwanda.

Unlike Alfred, I have a completely different experience. At the age of 7 I was taken to live with Dad’s sister. I got to know Grandma and many family members.

I thank my aunt who accepted me into her home and will always remember your love and support.

At aunt’s place, I lived through the most traumatising part of my life. Its a time when I look back and feel very angry with some people and things. I was very young and gave my smile innocently to the wrong people. Instead of offering me love, which every child at that tender age so dreams about, I was given rejection, abuse and then abandoned.

The moment my stepmother Janet knew I was living in Rwanda, she wrongly imagined I had come to take away her property. My stepmother made it clear to whoever was dealing with me that they had to choose between me and her. At the age if 7 years, I knew exact what was happening and saw first hand how people avoided me. When I remember that period of my life, its painful and something I dont know if would ever forgive anybody for. For God’s sake I was only a small boy looking for nothing other than love, care, an education and hope for a future.

My stepmother Janet I know you will read this message and I can tell you I remember very well how you forced grandma to reject me. I lived under those disturbing nightmares for three years until Mummy decided enough is enough. Mummy too me back to Uganda where I have lived until today. I have finally decided to reveal this painful part of my life to the public because it affected me growing up until today. I think to recover, I have to tell those who kept me in such misery that they failed and I won.

My story is long and so many things happened during my 3 years in Rwanda and after, all of which were caused by my stepmother. I hope someday I will come face to face with you to narrate everything to you so you know you wished me bad but God over-ruled you and kept me alive all these years.

I hope after I left, all the honey you so desperately wanted to keep away from me finally flowed with no problem. I hope after leaving you in peace, all the pride you so wanted came down on you in abandance! I hope after knowing you had erased my presence, was a moment of triumph for you. Step-mum your behavior was a demonstration of disregard to my Dad.

When I remember that experience, its very painful and need the courage to forgive those who wronged me.

Today, I say never again will I keep hiding myself. The time for hide and seek is over! I want my rightful place in society. I want my rights back and NOW! I will no longer live in fear. The days of danger are gone from today. My name is Mutabazi Dan, the son of Fred Gisa Rwigema and am very proud of that!

Lovely regards to Mummy who kept me safe from the lion’s den. And to those whose lives were affected by my presence, I say you should have acted differently and not succumbed. But I understand what you had to go through!

God bless all the good people of this cruel world!



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