Tribute to Daddy Fred Gisa Rwigema


By Alfred Gisa

For all the months after knowing who exactly I was, I have spent quite a long time trying to understand what a GREAT man you were. Mummy narrated to me how you joined hands with other great Rwandese to make Rwanda what it is today. At first I was angry that I could not see my father like other children growing up.

But now am proud to be the son of my father. I understand why you gave all such that Rwandese would live in harmony and lead to human posterity.

Alfred Gisa

Fred Gisa Rwigema fathered us four, and am the 2nd born. Whoever is trying to politicise this issue is wasting time. Nobody has any right to tell me, or my brothers and sister what is best for us. I do not care what anybody else says about my coming out publicly. My freedom today is irreversible.

Daddy I can promise you from the bottom of my heart that I will never bring shame. In the Kinyarwanda I have been trying to learn, be rest assured I will never be IKIGWARI. Am sure my siblings feel the same way.

Contrary to what has been reported by journalists, am 23 years old, NOT 24 years. I take this opportunity to thank Mummy from the bottom of my heart for defying, and it continues to defeat my mind when I imagine the odds you had to go through not only to raise me, but also keep me alive as an NRA Kadogo.

Mummy, you were meant be one of the Rwanda liberators yet my circumstances refused you the right to continue with other combatants the mission to liberate Rwanda. They were Rwandese who were refused justice and social security by their own kingship.

By going public, Daddy I know people who have been victimised as they tried to offer me protection from the preying eyes of the devil. It is the same devil that convinced itself that I do not exist, and continues to deny the very fact.

Daddy our family will live in harmony only if those who kept it divided, and still want to do so, are exposed. Our right to live cannot be decided by people who choose to give themselves that right.

The time to look the other way is over. I am determined to fight this injustice. Daddy we do not want favours or hand-outs, we only want our rights as Rwandans.

Rest In Peace Daddy!


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