Zanu-PF ‘Wins’ Parlimentary Elections By Two Thirds Majority

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) announced on Saturday that ZANU PF has won Wednesday’s parliamentary election by a two thirds majority.

ZEC said ZANU PF grabbed 158 parliamentary seats while the MDC-T got 50, with two seats going to independents. Although both the AU and SADC observer missions have said the poll was free, the MDC-T has categorically said it wasn’t, charging that it was rigged.

Tsvangirai briefed diplomats and journalists in Harare on Saturday following his party’s national executive meeting and told them his party totally rejects the 31st July election on the basis of process and absence of reforms. He urged his supporters to remain calm and not engage in any violence.

He said the fraudulent and stolen election has plunged Zimbabwe into a constitutional, political and economic crisis and he will appeal to both the AU and SADC. The party will give a dossier on how the election was rigged to the regional and continental bodies.

The party also wants a forensic audit to be done on all the ballot papers and where they were printed, following allegations that Israeli company Nikuv helped ZANU PF rig the election by manipulating the voters roll.

In one constituency in Mashonaland central that had 15,000 voters, 10,000 of them were assisted to vote.

The MDC-T leader also said his party will not take part in government and will exhaust all channel to ensure that normalcy returns to the country.

The none participation of the MDC-T in government would trigger a political and economic crisis. Tsvangirai also warned that a constitutional crisis was imminent.

The party also wants the SADC Troika to investigate the role of the military in the election and Tsvangirai ended his statement by calling for another election, where people can freely express themselves, as soon as possible.


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