Islamists Plan Mass Rallies Against Military Coup Friday

People cry at a makeshift hospital following clashes between supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi and the security forces.

Islamists plan to holds mass rallies in Egypt’s on Friday squares in response to the Interior Ministry’s warning to protesters at Rabaa al-Adaweya and Nahda Squares.

On Thursday, the Interior Ministry asked the demonstrators to break up the sit-ins and promised them a safe exit if they dispersed.

The National Coalition for Supporting Legitimacy declared its rejection for the Interior Ministry’s demands and said that security forces plan to stir up violence and use it as an excuse to commit a massacre.

The Islamist coalition, which supports former president Mohamed Mursi, urged army and police forces to not shoot at protesters.

The demonstrators at Rabaa continued their sit-in for the fifth week in a row. They set up barriers on all square entrances and sealed off side streets.

In Giza’s Nahda Square, the demonstrators organized vigilante groups to monitor any attempt to infiltrate the sit-in or to disperse it.

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