Crime reduced by 13%, more measures put in place

Gasana Emmanuel

IGP Emmanuel Gasana. (file photo)

Although there is a significant improvement in the security of people and their properties, and a reduction of crimes compared to last year, police officials have said more measures are bing put in place to minimize criminality.

Inspector-general of police Emmanuel Gasana said that the level of crime has reduced by 13% across the country, while the most common crimes include murder, human trafficking, rape, domestic violence and cyber crimes.

Murder which reduced by 19%, that is from 230 cases in the first six months of 2012 to 188 this year, while gender-based vi­olence reduced by 9% and traffic accidents reduced by 25%.

The decline in crimes is attrib­uted to aggressive awareness campaigns and increased part­nership with the public through community policing.

However more measures are being taken to minimize crimi­nality, with a special focus on gender-based violence. Among measures set to combat this vice are the establishment of more GBV one-stop centers, which provide free medical, legal and psychosocial services to the vic­tims, and continued community mobilization.

“Our aim is to have one center in every hospital. We are target­ing to have at least 18 by the end of this year. Now there are only 5 and we are equipping them so that they can provide good ser­vice to the victims” Gasana ex­plained.

Another area that will receive special attention is traffic safety, with road accidents mainly due to negligence, over-speeding and bad maneuvers. Neverthe­less, there has been a significant reduction in accidents from 5081 in the first half of 2012 to 4417 in 2013 (-13%).

In this respect, the police is planning to open new mechani­cal inspection centers in Ngoma, Karongi, Huye and Musanze and 250 police officers are being trained on vehicle technical con­trol.

Gasana also announced that the national police is growing in terms of human resources and professionalism. This allows the force not only to scale up its ca­pacity to deal with criminality, but also to reinforce mechanisms of ensuring the safety of people and properties.


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